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Something to cool you off in summer

Recently, there have been a lot of Facebook posts on this particular treat that I wanted to check it out myself.

Bingsu is a dessert made of shaved ice and condensed milk topped with ingredients from fruits to nuts to candies. It is a popular Korean snack especially during the summer season, similar to the Philippine’s halo-halo. On a hot and sunny afternoon, we finally got to try this frozen delight! Continue reading

Because you are worth breaking an arm for…

It was little K’s last day of summer class today so Mr. G and I decided to treat her (and ourselves) to a sumptuous meal for a job well done. Together with father and mother-in-law, we had lunch at Applebee’s and went to the arcade center afterwards to have little K ride in those little moving cars and planes to her heart’s content. While she is having fun with the grandparents, we opted to play as well. Continue reading

Family Dinner Dates at Balboa Restaurant

Last night, Mr.G, little K and I were invited by my in-laws for a family dinner at Balboa Restaurant located at 4th Level, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It is an Italian-American restaurant whose name inspiration is Sylvester Stallone’s character in the film “Rocky Balboa”. We were already late for the appointment because little K had some sort of needed to be attended to first so anyway, when we arrived, the parentals have already ordered. The restaurant’s specialties are pastas, steaks and pizzas but they also serve burgers, sandwiches and salads. Continue reading

Educational, Engaging and Easy to Learn Songs for Toddlers

You all know about our little K’s love for music, right? If you just started following my blog, you can read the story here. From 0 months, we started playing songs from the Fisher-Price Collection via their android app until I think she was 7 or 8 months. The collection is composed of basic, learning songs such as: ABC’s, 123’s, Colors and Shapes song and a few nursery rhymes. The songs were great but soon, she grew tired of listening to them, we knew we needed to refresh our repertoire. Insert Super Simple Songs.
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Oh for the Love of Music!

I remember a time when Kara was 6 months old and I saw her shaking (or was she waving) her hands to the beat of the counting song we always play in the house. After that, everytime she hears music she just gets into the groove. Be it music from the car radio, ringtone of a cellphone or even a steady beat of a drum. The moment she learned how to stand, she began stomping her feet and then months later, she could memorize and do dance steps from a Hi-5 song. It might be because I played music to help Kara and I relax ever since we took her home from the hospital, or placing headphones over my pregnant belly to let my unborn baby listen to a soothing sound paid off, or maybe because Mr. G and I do music jams in the car everyday while on our way to work when I was pregnant. For whatever reason, it was then I realized Kara has a fondness to music.

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A Guide on Answering the South Korean Visa Application Form

As of August 2015, the embassy of the Republic of Korea released a new visa application form. Unlike the previous form, this one does not come with detailed guidelines on how to answer it.
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Applying for a South Korean Visa as a Family

South Korea has always been in the list of countries Mr. G and I wanted to go to even before we were married. Several korean dramas and promo airfares later, we gathered the courage to apply for a visa and thankfully, we (including Kara) were approved.
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