Monthly Archives: June 2016

Travel Apps You Should Download for Your South Korea Trip

Booked a flight to South Korea? Have you planned your itinerary yet? Check out these smartphone apps you should download before flying over to the world of Kpop.

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Toddler Carry-on bag Must-haves

Finally we’re back from a week-long vacation in South Korea! It’s a very memorable trip for us, for me especially, because I got to visit friends I haven’t seen for almost 10 years. While I organize our pictures and my thoughts on this recent vacation, let me start this travel post with a list of things I pack for a toddler carry on bag.

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Natural Shampoo for Healthy Hair

I noticed I’ve been shedding a lot of hair lately as evidenced by hair strands on the floor, hair strands on the pillow, hair strands in the shower, and it’s been worrying me. I thought if I want to remedy this, I ought to know what’s causing it in the first place. I sat down, opened my laptop and asked my friend Google the causes of hair fall. It gave me a lot of answers but I think what caused mine was excessive use of hair products and tight ponytails (oh, and little K playfully pulling my hair out). The last thing my hair needs right now are shampoos made of strong chemicals so I was determined to find the mildest shampoo there is and found this:

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Breakfast at Rustic Mornings

Nothing’s better than eating the most important meal of the day at home, on a Sunday but we didn’t know we could also do this outside the comforts of our house. Yes, Rustic Mornings, a peaceful haven hidden in an alley in Marikina, serves delicious breakfast in a homey ambiance.

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Not having a nanny at home

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for nearly 2 years now and I must say motherhood is a very tough job. This is why a lot of my friends were asking why we don’t have a nanny at home. For first time moms like me, the simplest solution for you to be able to juggle household chores, work and your baby is to hire a nanny to look after the baby while you do everything else. I admit, my husband and I were tempted to do this at first, especially during little K’s first months, but later we realized why we don’t need one.

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