Because you are worth breaking an arm for…

It was little K’s last day of summer class today so Mr. G and I decided to treat her (and ourselves) to a sumptuous meal for a job well done. Together with father and mother-in-law, we had lunch at Applebee’s and went to the arcade center afterwards to have little K ride in those little moving cars and planes to her heart’s content. While she is having fun with the grandparents, we opted to play as well.


The reason why our arms hurt

A game called Pirate’s Hook seemed interesting. It is a 2 player fishing game where you catch fish and earn tickets which are then dispensed when the game ends. You are only given roughly 30 seconds to fish. Different kinds of fish yield different amount of tickets ranging from 1-50. The best one you could try to catch is the lobster king which will give you 1000 tickets. We had a go at the fishing game and soon we were hooked! Talk about irony. We were getting a lot of tickets that we needed to ask for a basket to hold them. Finally, we ended up getting 1007 tickets which we can use to redeem different prizes at the redemption booth. We asked little K what she wanted and she started pointing out to a plush toy of her favorite cartoon character – Mickey Mouse! At first I thought the plush toy was only worth 530 tickets so I was confident we were able to get it but then the lady behind the counter told me that it is worth 1960 tickets. We were more than 900 tickets short!


Stop taking pictures and get me my mickey now!

We tried convincing little K to pick other toys instead but she was too stubborn. After much deliberation, my husband and I made up our minds to have a go at collecting 1000 tickets again from the fishing game. Several arm cramps, muscle aches and probably dislocated shoulders later, we managed to collect 1009 tickets and get her the Mickey Mouse plush she wanted. She flashed us her widest smile and hugged her stuff toy tightly. It was very heartwarming; I was thinking I could do it again and again—NOT! But seriously, whatever makes our child happy is worth every sacrifice or broken bones for that matter.


one happy kid!

**On our way to the parking area though, I asked my husband how much he thinks the stuff toy costs in the toy store. We both did the math and ended up not continuing the conversation…**



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