Date Night at Kandle Café

It’s the love month once again! And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most of us are probably looking for a place for a perfect date night. On that note, let me recommend you a place we recently discovered: Kandle Café


Kandle Café is owned by Chef Leslie Ong and her three brothers, its name being derived from their initials. It is located along Mother Ignacia Avenue and unlike the loud street outside, this place is bright and serene.



The café offers an option for you to sit indoors or outdoors. The interior gives off a rustic, laid-back vibe with its wooden tables and shelves full of things on display. Outside is equally nice. It has comfy-looking chairs, great lighting, and greenery everywhere.


What we also love about this place is their food. The menu is unique, kind of like basic dishes with a twist and undeniably tasty. We had the Black Calamares (Php230) for starters because we were curious how it looks like. It is the basic deep fried squid BUT in squid ink batter, served with homemade gochujang mayo.


One of their interestingly named dishes is the Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta (Php 240). It is fresh squid pasta sautéed in smoked bacon and onion served with light cream sauce, poached egg and garnished with crispy bacon bits and toasted pan de mie. We love everything about this dish: the presentation, the pasta, the sauce – everything.


If you desperately want to drink cocktails but can’t (just like me), why not try their Bloody Mary Cream Prawn Pasta (Php 330) which is fresh pasta and sautéed prawns in cocktail inspired sauce and cream served with toasted pan de mie.


Feeling Japanese? Try their Soba (Php 260). Dip fresh green tea infused pasta, chicken karaage, toasted nori, pickled ginger, shiitake mushroom, egg in Japanese Soy.


We also had the BBQ Pork (Php 280) which is charred pork bbq marinated in hickory smoke sauce served with poached egg, charred corn kernels and greens.



For dessert I was choosing between the Matcha Pistachio Cake (Php 190) and the Chocolate Turtle Cake (Php 160) but finally went to have the latter since. The cake was okay, but too sweet for my taste. I made a mental note to go back for that Matcha Pistachio.

They have a variety of hot and cold beverages: coffee, tea, milkshakes.

The also have wines: red, white and sparkling white, perfect to cap off your date night.


 If you do not have any plans yet for Valentine’s, why not drop by Kandle Café. They offer a special menu just for hearts day. You can check them out on their Facebook page.

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