Breakfast at Rustic Mornings

Nothing’s better than eating the most important meal of the day at home, on a Sunday but we didn’t know we could also do this outside the comforts of our house. Yes, Rustic Mornings, a peaceful haven hidden in an alley in Marikina, serves delicious breakfast in a homey ambiance.

After hearing mass at Antipolo Cathedral for father-in-law’s birthday, we decided to try this restaurant mother- in-law said she had seen being featured on television. Rustic Mornings is a restaurant owned by self-taught chef Portia Dee-Baluyut who, together with her mom, converted part of their large garden to a cozy, outdoor restaurant. This rustic themed place has tiles, wooden chairs, bottles, paintings, white curtains and Capiz shells as designs. It gives the place a nice romantic vibe. The restaurant offers all day breakfasts which will truly satisfy your taste buds.



Blue and white tablecloths and a bell to ring if you’re ready to order

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and we were really hungry), I ordered:


Corned beef with scrambled eggs, garlic parslied rice and tomato wansoy salad. Corned beef was great, a bit spicy. The scrambled eggs are fluffy, and I like the rice.



Husband ordered: Frankfurter, cheese omelet and garlic rice; Chocolate chip frappe for his drinks. Hubby says the frankfurter is his favorite.

After eating, we stayed to enjoy the refreshing environment for a few minutes, snapped a few pictures then went home.


Stones, clay pots and bottles decorate a corner of the garden


orchids, capiz shells and lanters hang from the ceiling


pots, old bottles and paintings add to the homey feel

All in all, this restaurant is a must try! It surely capped off our gastronomic adventure for the weekend.


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