Mommy’s Powers

Mr. G told me he was feeling exhausted when he got home and by the look on his face as we were having dinner, I was sure we’ll be hitting the sack earlier than usual tonight. Sure enough, it’s lights out by 9:30pm. I am so thankful to finally lay my head on the pillow since I wasn’t getting enough sleep either and I was pretty sure Kara is sleepy as well, thanks to the afternoon nap she skipped earlier today. Ah, a nice long rest. Or, so I thought.

11:30pm: I was awakened by a kick on my back and found Kara restless. She kept on moving, probably trying to find the perfect position to sleep. I decided to leave her alone, thinking that she’ll eventually fall asleep so I turned my back on her and closed my eyes prepared to get back to sleep. She moved a few more times and then she cried, her hands reaching for me and forcing me to turn around.

I offered to nurse her to sleep but she refused. Instead, she reached for my hand and held it tight and amazingly, that was all it took for her to relax and slip off to dreamland.

While struggling to put myself to slumber, I came to a realization: how amazing a mother’s powers are! That just by holding hands, I helped my daughter relax and sleep.  I am thankful of mothers. Truly, mothers are blessings to all of us. They are our go-to when we want someone to listen to us, our private nurses when we get sick, our shoulder to cry on when we get hurt, our bodyguards that make us feel safe, our first best friends, our superheroes. And now I’m grateful to have joined their league.

I am Mom

So, I am sending a big shout out to all moms this coming Mother’s Day, whether you are a single mom, a working mom, or a stay at home mom:  Remember that YOU ARE LOVED and YOU ARE APPRECIATED! I know I am, just by holding Kara’s hands and looking at her face in awe as she sleeps.

you are supermom


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