Oh for the Love of Music!

I remember a time when Kara was 6 months old and I saw her shaking (or was she waving) her hands to the beat of the counting song we always play in the house. After that, everytime she hears music she just gets into the groove. Be it music from the car radio, ringtone of a cellphone or even a steady beat of a drum. The moment she learned how to stand, she began stomping her feet and then months later, she could memorize and do dance steps from a Hi-5 song. It might be because I played music to help Kara and I relax ever since we took her home from the hospital, or placing headphones over my pregnant belly to let my unborn baby listen to a soothing sound paid off, or maybe because Mr. G and I do music jams in the car everyday while on our way to work when I was pregnant. For whatever reason, it was then I realized Kara has a fondness to music.

Come summer, as I was looking for a great activity for little K, I came across Kindermusik. I practically read everything in their website and even called to ask questions, then decided to schedule K for a trial class. As expected, K was amused with the class though she was a little bewildered at first, probably acquainting herself to what is happening around her. After the class, we approached the teacher and she complimented little K saying she didn’t even think that it was her first time. And so our Kindermusik journey starts!

I thought I should give you a brief overview of what I’m talking about. So…

What is Kindermusik?

According to their website:

“Kindermusik is the world’s leading international music and movement program for families and their children age 0 to 7 years old and their families. Headquartered in the United States, Kindermusik now reaches over 1 million children in more than 66 countries worldwide. Still relatively new in the Philippines, we have been growing in demand and popularity due mainly in part to the dedication and talents of our committed educators who have pioneered Kindermusik’s introduction locally.”

Why did we decide to enroll little K in Kindermusik?

  1. Music as a learning medium

Kindermusik believes that Music is an effective tool in a child’s learning process. Several research studies report that there is a proven correlation between music and muscle development, listening abilities, primary mental abilities, creativity and personal and social skills. Apart from that, we think that for Kara to enjoy any activity, she needs to do something she loves.


Running around helps set my mood

      2. A great way to bond with your child

The class encourages parents, grandparents and even caregivers to join. Singing and dancing with your precious little ones strengthens the bond between you. If you’re both working parents, I strongly suggest that you make this the perfect time to interact with your child/ren to make up for the days you weren’t able to. Mr. G specifically requested for us to attend the ones held every Sunday so he could participate. He seems to get a little jealous since little K is mostly attached to me. Lol!

      3. Improves social interaction

One of the main reasons why we wanted little K to go to a summer school is to help her connect with other people besides us—especially with other children her age. Children are naturally attached to their main caregivers (mostly their moms) while they are shy and aloof to everyone else. The good thing about Kindermusik is that it improves interaction with others through side by side play or singing and dancing in a group without forcing your child to leave their comfort zones (through parent participation).


      4. Familiarizes children to routine

You know how children love routine! They love doing predictable things because it is very reassuring to them in every way. The program helps your child get used to routine and helps them be ready for changes say for example, big school. Every session of the program starts with a welcome song, followed by singing and dancing, sensory play, quiet time, storytelling and ends with a goodbye song.

      5. You can take the class at home

No, this does not mean you can have a Kindermusik teacher have classes at your home–not with her at the very least. Instead, they provide you take home materials and downloadable music they use in the class so you can dance and sing and do activities with your child whenever and wherever you want. I play the songs every morning for little K and dance along with her. It helps improve her mood throughout the day plus we enjoy our silly time together.


Little K shakin’ to the ‘Goodbye song’

This Sunday is Little K’s last day of summer class. We feel happy that she was able to complete the summer class but we also feel sad as Kindermusik Class was something we look forward to every weekend. What did we gain from these short summer classes? Now, our daughter’s love for music is growing. She is feeling every musical beat in her entire body. She dances anytime, anywhere she wants and not being shy like before. Her teacher even loves her dance moves and calls her the class dancer. She is disciplined, she knows how to share toys with other children and how to take turns playing. It even developed her initiative to “pack away” aka keep her toys after she’s done playing with them. More importantly, it made our precious daughter one genuinely happy kid and we’re so proud of her.

Will we enroll her again, DEFINITELY!

For more information on Kindermusik Philippines, you can visit their website here.



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2 thoughts on “Oh for the Love of Music!

  1. A Mother of All Trades May 27, 2016 at 9:00 am Reply

    She is so adorable!!!


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