Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Unboxing

Last August 2, Samsung has introduced yet another addition to their flagship smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We badly wanted one after seeing the announcement video but it wouldn’t be available in the Philippines until August 20. By some stroke of luck, however, we were able to get our hands on it earlier than the release date and we’re so excited! Continue reading

Gyeongbokgung Palace Walk: Royalty for a day

Hello! I just dyed my hair with the lightest color I have ever dared to use (which I will post about some other time), as a celebration of me turning 30. Aaand while waiting for my hair dye to settle, I’m continuing our #theabellastraveltoSouthKorea. Continue reading

Butterfly Wings

Sharing a song from little K’s music class which I find very beautiful. Happy Humpday everyone!

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Problems with My Samsung Galaxy S7

Last March, I decided to replace my old phone with the new Samsung S7. I bought it directly from a Samsung store and it even came with a free VR. My new phone is so awesome. It operates fast and smooth and I can do a lot of things with it. It’s like the modern and upgraded version of those bulky palm tops we used to have before. What I really love the most are its camera features. It takes really clear and detailed photos, almost like a DSLR, even in low light. That is why it is a great gadget to have during our last family trips.   Continue reading

Kara on Disney Junior

We’ve wanted to get in on Disney Junior’s Birthday Book ever since its song got stuck in our heads. I tried to register Kara on the Birthday Book for her 1st birthday last year but unfortunately, she still isn’t qualified. So we patiently waited for another year, made sure we registered early and voila! We saw her on television!

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New Travel Series + Cheonggyecheon Stream

First, let me tell you how my week was so far: I was so sick these past few days. I had a terrible headache, I’m feeling nauseous, and I’m having stomach cramps. Before you start thinking these are probably signs of being pregnant, let me just say that my period came today (as scheduled). So yeah, I’m feeling a little better now. Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Hi5 Story of Doodle Dot Farm

While browsing YouTube for children stories, I came across a storytelling segment of Hi5, a famous children’s show. The story goes like this: Continue reading