Kara on Disney Junior

We’ve wanted to get in on Disney Junior’s Birthday Book ever since its song got stuck in our heads. I tried to register Kara on the Birthday Book for her 1st birthday last year but unfortunately, she still isn’t qualified. So we patiently waited for another year, made sure we registered early and voila! We saw her on television!

For parents who are Disney fans and have Disney babies (like us), you can have your child appear on television on his/her birthday month. Here’s how:

  1. Submit a picture of your child to Disney junior Asia birthday book 2 months before his/her birthday month. Provide also your child’s name, birthday, your email address, cable operator and subscriber number. Take note that the picture should only have your child in it and the file size should be at least 1MB.
  2. Only children ages 2-7 years old are allowed to be in the birthday book. You can register your child 2 months before his/her birthday month (e.g. if your child’s birthday month is August, registration opens on June 1).
  3. Only a maximum of 300 photos is considered. Only the first 100 photos submitted will be featured on the TV version of the birthday book while the remaining will be posted on the Disney junior Asia website.

Once your submitted photo meets the criteria, Disney Junior sends a confirmation email.

disney junior birthday book

I read that they send a separate email to notify you if your child will be featured on-air but we didn’t receive one so we were really not expecting to see Kara on TV. Imagine our surprise to see her on the 6pm Disney Junior Birthday Book Greeting.

This and our Disneyland trip gift made my little girl really happy!

The Disney Junior Birthday Book plays at 9am, 12nn, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm daily.

Check out Kara’s birthday greeting from Disney Junior here.

You can read more about the Disney Junior Birthday Book here.

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweetest Karamel!



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