Problems with My Samsung Galaxy S7

Last March, I decided to replace my old phone with the new Samsung S7. I bought it directly from a Samsung store and it even came with a free VR. My new phone is so awesome. It operates fast and smooth and I can do a lot of things with it. It’s like the modern and upgraded version of those bulky palm tops we used to have before. What I really love the most are its camera features. It takes really clear and detailed photos, almost like a DSLR, even in low light. That is why it is a great gadget to have during our last family trips.  

However, about three weeks ago, my phone began experiencing issues. At first, it restarts by itself after I took pictures or open the gallery, and it continued to do so for a day. I decided to have it checked the following morning but the problem went away – or so I thought. After a week, my phone now restarts every 10 seconds, it was super annoying. I already did a factory reset (after backing up all my files) on it but the problem is still there. So I had it checked at the Samsung Store and they told me they are going to reprogram my phone since it might have been affected by malware. The reprogram only took an hour. I thought that solved the issue but no, as soon as I got home, my phone restarts yet again. The good thing is, it just restarts 3 times a day at no definite pattern. Of course, I should bring it back in for repair but our Hong Kong trip is just around the corner and I don’t want to go without my phone and its ever so reliable camera. Ugh. Whatever, I thought. I’m going to bring it with me to Disneyland and just hope that it doesn’t act up just until we get back from our trip. And you know what? It miraculously functioned normally during our entire vacation.

The moment we got back, I had my phone repaired at the Samsung Store for the 2nd time. This time, they told me they are going to do software reformatting or something like that and it will only take an hour. But because I was thinking this may not just be a software problem but something more complicated, I wanted them to take a good look at my phone so they could diagnose the problem accurately. I told them that I’ll leave it with them for 2 days so they can observe longer.

2 days later, I called them up to check and they said that the problem is gone. So we went to the store to get my phone but as soon as I inserted my sim card——yes, you got it right, the effin’ thing RESTARTED AGAIN! Aaargh, I’m so pissed for various reasons. I am angry at my phone for having this issue. I am annoyed because that phone is what I use for my social media platforms. I am most especially annoyed at the repair center because I think they have not been doing their job right, at least observing the thing properly if the issue is really gone or what. I was so displeased with the situation and the hassle it has put me through, I told my husband that we should go home lest I will go on beast mode at the store.

That night, I called Samsung Store again and this time talked with their manager. The manager was calm and even apologetic because she learned I was in and out of their store 2 times already. She first asked me if I am downloading software or application updates via WIFI and I said yes. She then asked me if there were things that might have caused an interruption to downloading the update like for example, the WIFI suddenly turned off or the phone ran out of battery. Then I suddenly remembered that during the last update, my phone DID run out of battery and turned off (I was asleep so I didn’t notice). That was when the problem started occurring. OH.MY.GOSH. I wanted to hit myself. Apparently, interruptions on downloading software/application do damage on the motherboard which in turn causes the phone to function abnormally. She recommended we have the board replaced with the new one. Luckily, it is still under warranty so repair is free of charge.

Whew. I will get my S7 back today. Hopefully, my phone is 100% better. I think there is a big chance that it is. Else, they need to replace my unit with an entirely new one.

 ***UPDATE*** Got my S7 back last night and it seems to work normally again. So far it hasn’t restarted since yesterday.


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