Butterfly Wings

Sharing a song from little K’s music class which I find very beautiful. Happy Humpday everyone!

My Butterfly Wings

When I want to try the most amazing things,

I put on a pair of my colorful butterfly wings.

I’m suddenly lighter than air,

With a rush of the wind in my hair,

And whatever fantastical place I can dream of,

My butterfly wings take me there.


I float on the wind, I flutter from tree to tree,

With whimsical, fanciful butterflies dazzling me.

I wink at the world far below,

Where my flowers and apple tree grow,

And I’m laughing out loud as I drift through a cloud,

I’m flying where butterflies go.


Imagine the places your dreams might carry you.

With butterfly wings,

What you dream can really come true.

If you believe by and by,

You will unfurl your wings, and you’ll fly.

Believe and you’ll see you can fly so high.

Spread you wings, your very own wings, and try.


Butterfly wings, my butterfly wings,

My beautiful butterfly wings.


You can listen to the whole version of the song  here.



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