Airbnb Accommodation in Seoul: A Review

Traveling with a child is never easy. One of the challenges that go along with it is finding a comfortable accommodation while making sure that its cost does not hurt our budget. Before, when I look for affordable lodgings, I immediately search thru hostels or backpacking inns but now, Airbnb has given additional options.


During our 4 nights stay in Seoul, South Korea, we booked our accommodation from Airbnb. We rented an apartment in Gangseo-gu, Seoul and overall I can say that it was very pleasant. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Accommodation type and cost – for a reasonable amount, we get to have the whole apartment for ourselves. Since we travel with my daughter, privacy is most vital for us so we prefer rooms which have its own bathroom and have adequate space for my child to move around.
  2.  Location and Accessibility – we love how near the apartment building is to the subway station. Just a three or four-minute walk from Kkachisan station – if you won’t stop by any of the restaurants or food stalls along the way. Yes, there are food stalls, restaurants, convenience stores, cafes and a grocery store within the vicinity. The apartment is an hour from Incheon Airport and 20 minutes from Gimpo Airport which is convenient because when we arrived at the latter after our trip to Jeju, we only have to take a short ride and immediately check in so we can rest. Myeongdong and Dongdaemun are also near.
  3. Amenities – the apartment is more or less complete with everything we need. It has a very comfy bed, sofa, two-seat wooden dining table, cable TV, wifi, a small kitchen, laundry machine, hair dryer, night lamps, air conditioner, microwave oven, refrigerator, cooking and eating utensils. Towels, tissues, soap, shampoo and body wash are also provided.

Though we haven’t met the owner of the place, he was very prompt and accommodating in answering all our inquiries.


In summary, I think our accommodation in Seoul was a great find. It felt like our home away from home even if for a short time. Thank you, Airbnb! Will we stay here the next time we go to Korea? Definitely.

How about you? Where have you stayed in Korea? Can you share any good places to stay during your travels?


One thought on “Airbnb Accommodation in Seoul: A Review

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